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Online Quotes from Every Choice Insurance provides individuals, families, businesses just that… every choice when looking for insurance coverage. 

More options mean being able to compare multiple insurance quotes from reputable insurance companies in your area!  Now this may sound overwhelming, but at any time, feel free to call us to have a licensed agent walk you through the process at no additional cost to you.

The best part of this whole process is that insurance quotes are free with no obligation to purchase.  Yes that is correct free. Now you may have just bought a car, house or just feel that your rates are too much, but let us take all the guess work in, “getting a good deal on insurance.”  The thing with insurance nowadays is that there are no deals.  The reason for this is insurance agents aren’t able to change prices!

You heard me right, we cannot change prices!  What a relief after purchasing a car and never knowing if you paid too much or getting hit with closing costs you were not aware with when buying a home.  The difference between us is our ability to offer more insurance companies to choose from and we like to be friendly why we are at it!

What now?  Feel free to fill out one of the forms to receive your insurance quotes for free or if you need insurance right away and just do not like clicking through pages like most people (wondering if you even filled out the questions correctly) just call us at the number above!  You have no idea how many times our customers say I wish we talked to Every Choice first.  Usually we are last because when you have every choice in insurance, why go anywhere else!?

Here are all the options for insurance we have to offer…

Auto Insurance

includes car, truck, motorcycle, and boat insurance

Home Insurance

Own or Rent?  We have you covered!

Health Insurance

So many laws have changed in this decade and we have been on the forefront of it all!

Life Insurance

Term, Whole, Universal, and many other options to ensure your families future well being

Business Insurance

Group Health, General Liability, and everything and anything to protect your business